Aviator sunglasses are the biggest eyewear trend today

Today eyewear trends are a global phenomenon, driven by eyeglasses brands and influencers in art, fashion, and design. Though it is difficult to pinpoint where the new trends in sunglasses in Newton start, today they are often advanced by stylish influencers who enjoy uploading and sharing images on TV, online and social media.


Today, thick frames are out and the classic pilot specs designed for aviation are in the trend these days. The popularity of aviator sunglasses in Newton is on rise.  These sunglasses are characterized by their thin metal frames, a double or triple bridge between the lenses and flexible cable temples that hook all the way round the ears. When you are buying aviator sunglasses in Newton, look carefully to find out if it has been assigned a ‘UVA’ rating or not. The higher the rating, the safer a pair of sunglasses are against UV rays from the sun.

When you are buying aviator sunglasses in Newton, it is important to note the length of the arms of the frame. Make sure they are long enough to fit snugly behind the ear, rather than loosely resting along the top of the ear. The design of these glasses is timeless and is suitable for the wearer of all ages.

You will find many eyewear stores in Newton that stock huge collection of aviator sunglasses. Do a research before placing your order.

Check : http://www.yosemiteyewear.com



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